Congratulations on your engagement!





After all the excitement and celebrations of your engagement  nearing the end, it is time to start planning your big day.

Everyone knows how stressful and difficult getting everything perfect can be, this is where Dreemz Planners will help you out.


Dreemz Planners would help coordinate all aspects and every detail to celebrate your extraordinary day, they will manage;


  • Drawing a budget plan to follow
  • Looking after all legal paperwork
  • Booking all suppliers and places deposits
  • Taking care of all payments that need to be done
  • Skype Calls for clearly understanding and easy communication
  • Free site inspection if one decides to visit Malta beforehand
  • Decorating the venue and church
  • Meet and Greet at the airport
  • Advising and supporting


The whole Dreemz team can assure you that everything will be taken care of for you to enjoy your special day with your loved ones.